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Annual Report 2017Interno relazione d'esercizio 2017

Excellent 2017 results for Banca del Sempione SA

Annual report 2017

Banca del Sempione SA’s general meeting of shareholders held on 26 April 2018 approved the Parent company’s and the Group’s accounts for the year 2017. The results showed significant growth in all business areas and consolidated earnings up by 13.6% to CHF 8.008 million.


Growing success for Base Investments SICAV sponsored and managed by Banca del Sempione

Il Sole 24 Ore High Yield Award 2017 ("Premio Alto Rendimento”):

- Bonds Value Sub-Fund

- Flexible Low Risk Exposure Sub-Fund


Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Award 2018:

- Bonds Value Sub-Fund

TicinoWelcome Settembre/Novembre 2017TicinoWelcome Settembre/Novembre 2017

Our strength stems from our link with the land 

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