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The purpose of this site and the sections on Banca del Sempione group companies and products is to present the principles behind our way of doing business.
These are fundamental values to build durable and sincere relationships with our customers, sensitive also to families and their problems, careers, and friends, which, in our way of measuring wealth, form an essential part of it.
Here is what distinguishes Banca del Sempione: the ability to be a true, reliable, and objective partner in the most difficult decisions, without ulterior motives in suggesting and in recommending, like a friend in the deepest and most beautiful sense of the word.

In presenting our business, we think the best way to do it is through images that could be a family album, seeking to express simply but clearly what we believe we can offer our clients.

Banca del Sempione: where common sense is built in

Annual Report | 17.05.2016

The Annual Reports section contains the 2015 Annual Report.

Consolidated interim report | 28.08.2015

The Annual Reports section contains the Consolidated interim report.

Ginale occhiali
Investment policy | 13.05.2015

In the news and resaerch section the new Investment Policy has been published

No event | 22.12.2015

We are sorry, no events at the moment!

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