The strength of
Banca del Sempione Group

Banca del Sempione Group is made up of highly specialized companies with a range of vertical skills, which go beyond Private Banking

a shared operating model

Let’s team up, on your side

Our primary goal is to respond promptly and effectively to all your savings, investment and wealth advisory needs.

That’s why Banca del Sempione Group was founded, when several companies came together to work as a team, offering specialist and diversified services.

Wealth management, asset management, tax and succession planning: all using innovative, personalized tools, with the experience and discretion that has always been our hallmark.

We are guided by the principles of common sense, confidentiality and oversight, pillars of the Swiss banking culture and our founding values.



The trusted partner for managing your assets

Sempione SIM SpA offers a package of exclusive services that include asset managementpersonalized advicebuying and selling of financial instruments, acceptance and execution of orders, and placement on the market of new issues.


Base Investments

Dynamism and risk mitigation in the management of your capital

Investment company with variable capital, which allows access to a diversified range of investment funds.
The management policy of the compartments of Base Investments SICAV aims to preserve the invested capital and increase assets through diversified management strategies based on risk profile and investment time horizon.


Banca del Sempione (Overseas)

An open window to the world

A reliable alternative for asset management in the Bahamas archipelago. Banca del Sempione (Overseas) Ltd. was founded in 2000 in Nassau, and is 100% controlled by the Swiss parent company.


Banca del Sempione (Middle East)

Tradition and Dynamism in Dubai

Swiss Tradition and Dubai’s Dynamism in Banca del Sempione’s New Initiative.


A range of advisory services and tailor-made credit solutions designed to meet both your needs and those of your business.


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